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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Don't Look Now, But It's The Tickle Monster...

I picked this up at Indigo/Chapters months before Jaxon arrived - anticipating that this was going to bring us hours of fun someday!
Well, we are already reading it, and it is an absolute hoot! The kit come in tote with the "Monster Mittens", the book and this wonderful magnetic box to keep it all safe in! Author Josie Bissett (yessssss...Melrose Place Fans - the same Josie Bissett!)created a book of fun and laughter, sure to bring a barrel of giggles to any little face!
Love, love, love it - Mamacita Bootybella gives is 4 big stars!!!

Temperature Check....

I received this awesome little invention as a gift and my hubby & I have come to love, love, love it! With our little one sleeping on a separate floor from us, we are constantly concerned about the "perfect sleeping temperature" to keep him comfortable. And because he can't tell us...the GroEgg can!!! The GroEgg digital room thermometer is the latest innovative product in the grobag safe sleep range. The glowing bro egg changes colour to let you know at a glance whether the temperature of a room is too low, too high, or just right - and it even doubles as a comforting night light! The correct room temperature is vital for creating a safe sleeping environment for a baby. Health professionals recommend that the room your baby sleeps in should be maintained at 16–20°C to help reduce the risk of crib death. The gro egg™, the only colour changing digital room thermometer, is another clever innovation to help promote safer sleep for babies. The patented gro egg™ glows yellow if the room temperature is within recommended guidelines |16–20°C|. If the room temperature is outside this range, take action to cool or heat the room or to adjust the baby’s bedding or clothing. Key features: Simple to use room thermometer that changes colour. Digital room thermometer with permanent ‘back-light’. LCD readout: Provides a soft ‘nightlight’ glow. Instructions and safe sleep guide enclosed. Please note that gro egg™ is designed to glow in darker conditions. In light rooms, please use the digital display. “Babies who get too hot are at an increased risk of crib death… getting a room thermometer will help you create a safer sleeping environment for your baby.” - Joyce Epstein, (Director of FSID) To order yours today - head over to their website! Mamacita Bootybella gives this product FIVE STARS!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

So What's In Your Playmat....

So I have spent the last few weeks researching these lovely interlocking foam mats on the market...looking for the safest one at my disposal for my little man. The problem being that many play mats are made of EVA - which has been the go to safer substitute for PVC. However, in order to make these soft foam puzzle mats for children to play on, test results have been showing that FORMAMIDE (a reproductive & developmental toxicant)is a byproduct in producing these mats. I don't know about you but I don't really want my child coming in contact with high levels of this stuff, after being made aware. But I still long for the safety in my child being able to topple over and not being hurt. So what's a mama to do???? There is ONE company only that seems to stand behind their products, publicly stating the following: "All Skip Hop products, including the Playspot, meet or exceed regulatory safety standards in the USA and Europe, without exception. We do not add Formamide to Playspot, although it can be a byproduct of the EVA foam manufacturing process (which includes such items as flip flops and many bath toys). That said, due to these concerns, we have tested Playspot using ISO 16000 methods. We are pleased that our Playspots received the lowest possible score, <2ug/m3 (less than 2 millionths of a gram per cubic meter) for Formamide emissions, the lowest measurable result with this testing method. These tests show that – within the limits of the test – its presence is essentially not detectable. Therefore, the Playspot is a safe EVA floor mat option for children and you should feel confident that we have specifically tested for this issue." So here is what I purchased.... Now, we did splurge a little, but in the end it was completely worth it for the following reasons: This mat does not seem to attract hair & dust like other mats do - ugh!!! Nasty!! We got the green/brown theme with cream coloured interlocking connectors. Now isn't this much easier on the eyes that those nasty bright coloured ones, or overly branded Disney mats??? We think so! The Oversized 14x14 inch tiles create an extra large play space, however it also allows you to customize the size - use 4 tiles or all 20! On their website there is a pdf to download to help you create many different designs, as well you can also switch the inner circles. The finished size is 70x56 inches and is a fantastic addition to any playroom in MY opinion!!!