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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My New Must Have.....

So after a full day of techniques and tutorials, Sherrie has me hooked on the Copic Airbrush System. Once you see how this thing works, you are going to pinch every penny you have to invest in it!!! It will take your scrapbooking and stamping to a whole new level!!!! This is the ABS1 System, which is the least expensive on the market. The creme de la creme is the system with the compressor, you heard right ladies, a compressor! But we have been warned that one should not venture into the garage and take flight with their hubby's sitting on the work bench. It needs to be a specific compressor or you will blow your copics to pieces...not to mention have a hell of a mess to clean up. So for now, I think I am going to purchase the starter kit seen to your right! I am going to purchase mine through Scrapbook Pantry because Crystal was so darn nice to me yesterday!!!!! They have a full collection of everything Copics because, like I, she loves them too! This system will get me up and running until I win the lotto so I can purchase the compressor system (that is an add on to what I am going to purchase).
I also had the divine pleasure of sitting next to Miz Allison Cope!!!! Check out her amazing work on her blog So Sketchy! She filled me to the brim with Copic tidbits and I am so happy that I got to meet her! She travelled all the way from Elkford, BC to get Cer-t-fied!!! And she brought along her secret compressor weapon and explained it to Miz Elke and I! Woot woot to Allison!!
So back to the airbrushing system.....I just want to share with all of you that as I watched Sherrie demonstrate the product, I was mesmerized with the fact that this opened a whole new outlet up to me. Think of all the possibilities this would give me - no more buying colored ribbon - just white - and AIRBRUSH IT!!! Buttons, dewdrops, primas - AIRBRUSH THEM ALL!!! I was holding onto the edge of my seat while she talked about using Copics and the Airbrush System to do all these amazing little projects!!!!
So in closing....if you haven't started your hoarding of these inky little gems, get on it! You will not be sorry!!! And congrats to Tanis once again for winning my blog candy! I can feel her excitement across the world wide web (although she is only in Edmonton and shipping should only take a couple of days at most!). Tanis does not own any copics to date so I am proud to enable her to that level!

Copic Blogcandy Giveaway & Certification Update

Hello Layydees....
It has been a very busy month and with the certification class all day yesterday, I was all inked out!!!! Sherrie was beyond my expectations!!! She was as entertaining as she was knowledgeable and the day was one I will never forget. Not to mention getting to meet some other amazing women that were taking the class!!
So as I am officially a certified copics instructor now, as I promised, I am giving away some markers to help feed someone else's addiction!!!! So without further ado.....the winner picked randomly after writing down handfuls of names from all 4 blogs and entering into a big bucket...the DH drew the lucky winner and she is..... TANNYP (Tanis!)!!!! Please contact me to arrange for me to ship these to you!!!! Congrats! They are great markers to add to a collection or great colors to start out with!!!!
Thanks everyone for visiting all my blogs to enter and check back often because ya just never know with me ~ I could be giving a truckload of cupcakes away next!