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Friday, February 13, 2009

My Favorite Photographer!!!!!

I love love love photos....and even bettah if someone who knows what they are doing is takin them!!!! Despite my longing research on finding that perfect camera so that I can try and learn to take pictures like the still boils down to the the fact that one person can't possibly be great at doing EVERYTHING!!!!! That's my excuse and I am stickin to it!!!!
However, I do know a gal that is FREAKN FANTASTIC at it!!!!! Her website is LP Photography and I truly encourage all the sistah's out there to take a peak!!!! She does amazing work, AND is she scores 150% in the personality department!!!!!  She does family portraits, weddings, scenery, and has worked in the film industry for quite some time!!!! Everyone knows someone who is pregnant, has a family, or is tying the knot this year ~ so take my recommendation on this one laydees - book this sistah for your next event or memory that you never want to lose!!!! At the least, drop her a line and let her know what you think about her website and her work she has posted on it!

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