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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tres Chic...Tres Patience!!!!

Well, today was D.E. Day (Decor Elements Day) at Bootybella's Stampin Pad!!!! I decided that I have been putting this off for way too long, knowing full well, that this was going to be one, big project. So this morning, I took the plunge at put up the Tres Chic Decor Elements in my half bath. Needless to say it was QUITE the experience, so I thought I would take photos and walk you all through it......

So for starters, here is what the wall looked like behind the "toilette" in our half bath...

So I removed the bamboo painting and cleaned the wall. Then I began cutting up all the letters into their grouping, there were small 'x's at the top and bottom of each word that you would line up to the one above, with the idea that if you get the first piece centered correctly, and always match up your 'x's, your whole application of 14 PIECES (yes, you read right!!) will be applied straight! So after much measuring and fancy footing over the "toilette", I managed to get this piece up on the wall....

BELIEVE ~ I believe this will be beautiful once it is completely up.
FRIENDSHIP ~ My friendship with the "toilette" is a special one right now, I am hoping and praying I don't slip and fall in while applying this vinyl!
LUCKY ~ I will be very lucky if I don't slip and fall in!!!

ADORE ~ I adore how these line up so beautifully with the 'x's, even a monkey could put this up!!!

TOGETHER~ This decor elements is going "together" like no body's business!
CLASSIC ~ If my husband saw me straddling the "toilette" like this he would think a photo of me would be classic!!!
IMAGINE ~ I am imagining what a nice glass of vino could do for me right about now...

LIFE ~ Life throws you challenges (like putting up this application!) just to see how committed you are. I will complete this, even though I am on my 3rd hour of application...

ENJOY ~ I really am enjoying this glass of Malbec right now...I am now pressing on my 4th hour of application...

FUNNY ~ Isn't it funny that I thought this would look soooo amazing over the "toilette", but never considered that I would need calf muscles of steel to stand this long on the rim of a pooper?????
HOPE ~ I hope I will finish this job soon!!!!

Ohhhh lookey....only 4 MORE PIECES TO APPLY!!!!!

HEARTFELT ~ I hope as people visit my loo, their find it in their heart to comment on what a fantastic job I did!!!

FAMILY ~ My family better love this half as much as I do - cause I WILL NOT be taking this down!!!!
INSPIRATIONAL ~ Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!! What can I say, I hope this "inspires" my bathroom guests what they need to do!

LOVE ~ I would love another glass of vino right about many pieces to go - 5 hours later... but doesn't it look amazing????

GENUINE ~ This is genuinely the most intricate looking piece of decor in my home!!! Oh yeah...this is also the most genuine Malbec I have drank in a long, long time!
CREATE ~ I can't believe that in 6 short hours, I have created this masterpiece!!!!

Oh, I thought NOW would be as good of time as show you how I got the vinyl off the paper onto the wall. So, you use the plastic decor elements applicator (it looks like a credit card without and credit on it! LOL!!) and rubbed each and every little piece of vinyl. Then you slowly start to peel it back and it should stick to the sticky side....

Sometimes it doesn't, especially the little intricate pieces, so you need to rub it a little bit more with the applicator, and slowly peel it back. Easy does it sailor.....

I used my gel nails that came in rather handy for this task!!!

When you peel the backing off, this is what you are left with on the sticky side - now run over to your wall, don't spill your wine, and line up the 'x's!!!!!

Use your applicator once again, and go over everything liberally. You will now need to set your wine glass down on the back of the "toilette", as you will need two hands to carefully pull back the sticky paper...revealing your perfectly applied swirls, swooshes & words!!!!

MEMORIES ~ Oh, the memories I will have, every time I look at this project, knowing the sweat equity that went into it!
JOY ~ This project brought me such "joy", reflecting on each word as I applied it, but the most joy this project brought me, was completing it!!!!
So here is the finally.....
6.25 hours in the making....

Please excuse the slanted photo...this is what happens after 4 glasses of Malbec!!!! In all honesty - it is on my wall completely straight and looks freaking fabulous!!!! I would love to hear your comments so post away!!!
I would also like your opinion - at the very top of the vinyl application, there is a straight line. This is NOT on the photo of the Tres Chic Application, but I am undecided if I want to leave it up there, or remove it. What would you do?
So to recap on this project:
~ Give yourself ample time to put this up - it is not a project that you can just "slap up"!
~ You will need sharp tweezers to remove the little 'x's from the wall after your project is complete.
~ Assess your access to where you are applying this vinyl, prior to starting to apply it!
~ In between each application, walk away, sip your wine & reflect on the experience. Then repeat till complete!
~ Applying this project while indulging in any wine or spirit, may impede your skill levels and decrease your chances of perfection!!!!!



Jessica Soboczynski said...

LOVE THIS!! ...what size did you get in this piece!? I'm obsessed with the extravagance of the largest one, but don't quite have the place to put something of that size!

...personally, I would remove the straight line at the top of the element, but to each their own!

Thanks for walking me through this all day affair! (Should have at least been making minimum wage per hour for that! LOL ...guess the win makes up for it!)

Bootybella Designs Inc. said...

This is the "medium" size in Chocolate Brown.
It measures 27.38' wide by 36' long.
I also think that if I had it to do over again, I would buy a large glass frame from a big box store that starts with M - and apply it on there as opposed to directly to wall. I am kicking myself, as I actually own a frame this big sitting in my basement!!

Erica W. said...

It's gorgeous!

I never thought about the frame idea.. we move all.the.freaking.time and i hesitate to put up wall decor because of it. Frames would work.

I'd remove the line. It looks out of place, especially with the swirls at the bottom too.

Wine. Yum. I'm a bit of a wineaux myself as you can see from my profile pic. LMAO. My favorites over here are a Dornfelder (regional?) and Bacchus!! Love living near the Mosel wine region of Germany! :)

Tami said...

Love the idea of putting it in the bathroom :) also LOVED your commentary :)
I would remove the straight line - to me it adds to much rigidity to something so fluid and frivilous
Great Job!

Anonymous said...

It looks amazing! Absolutely wonderful! Great job.

Kristine said...

Loved the running notes!!! It looks amazing!

Elke said...

Wow Bella, i cant wait too see it in real life tomorrow!!! and since i know the size of your bathroom that was not an easy task!!! OMG
its awesome!!! can you come over and do our half bath?? it has more room!!! hugs

Meredith said...

it looks absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!!! LOVE it!!!!!!! I too would remove the line at the top of the element..perhaps that's a level guide? Not sure.....
I am impressed at the dedication you showed to get this one up! I've been dying to order this one but have been afraid to order it b/c of the size ;) thanks for the chuckle this morning :)

melanie said...

I love it! I would never had thought of putting that decor into the bathroom, but once up and I see it, it's looks beautiful! Love your humor in all this! vote is no line.

Chriserendipity said...

Looks absolutely fantastic! Loved your "thoughts" about each word as you put them have such a great sense of humour! Can't believe you withstood that many hours in a rather compromising position to put it all up in one've got grit, Girl! me sometime!

Chris (your SU Prez' dinner companion)

Alexandria said...

This post is so funny! How did you manage to keep it drink after so many glasses of wine? LOL. Looks great!

Heidi Baks said...

Thank you for sharing your "journey". I had a customer order this, and I haven't applied a very large DE, so this is very helpful!

Anna said...

Oh my goodness. This looks like a lot of work!!! I love the finished results!

Wendy aka Bling Queen said...


Janice L said...

Was the wall in your bathroom textured? I have had my eye on the Tres Chic since it came out, but was not sure if it would adhere to a textured wall. Love the look!!

Tina said...

I am going to apply my DE - exact same as yours - and had no idea it was intricate. Glad I found your post - was a hoot to read! I'll be getting a frame and a bottle of wine before I start this project. Thanks for the tips!