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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Without Further Adieu....

Intoducing.......Mr. Jaxon Briant!!!! My wonderful bundle of joy arrived at 3:12pm on Wednesday, April 11th...weighing in at at a mere 9lbs, 8oz and 19" in length, Jaxon was welcomed by a world of bright lights, busy people and a tearful mom and dad - elated by his safe appearance!
He was riding breech and coupled with his size, my OBGYN and I decided that it was in everyone's best interest to opt for an elective C-Section. And I couldn't have been happier with that decision. My recovery has been remarkable and aside from a ring of "flab" that seems to now "hang" around my mid-section - I wouldn't even think I just had a baby!!!! We are safely home and settling into a "routine". This regimen consists of: ~Eat~Sleep~Poop/Pee~Eat~Sleep~Poop/Pee~Eat~Sleep~Poop/Pee....ok, you get the picture!!! I have, overnight, learnt that dirty dishes will still be on the counter or in the sink two hours later, morning showers are not a necessity, but rather a luxury, and nothing is more important and rewarding than holding this little miracle in my arms every chance I get!!! And with that said, "the boss is calling" from his swing where he was sleeping a minute ago, but now appears to be ravaged with hunger..."Hold tight Jaxon...Mommy and her boobies are coming!!!" ~Mamacita Bootybella

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