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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Spicy Re-org...

And now to tackle that hideous "SPICE CABINET".....
Listen...I am going to spare you the confusion, disgust, and trauma that a photo of the "before" would have given you!

I am just going to cut to the chase - long story short - THESE are the containers that used to house my many spices!!! They would fall all over you when you opened up the cupboard, IF you could get the lid off without ending up with spices all over you, you would be pissed to find out that you were completely out of chilli powder whilst the chilli was simmering on the stove, awaiting it's last ingredient!!! Something HAD TO BE DONE!!!!

These are the AWESOME Tupperware containers that the spices are GOING to be in!!!

I used my handy-dandy Dyno Labelmaker and clear Dynotape to make the labels, trimmed them and put them onto the containers.

Filled the containers with the coordinating spices and ta-dah!!! No more mayhem!!!
Off to prepare a spicy dinner!!!

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