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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's In YOUR Pantry?

So I have been on a mission to organize my pantry (or the Bomb Shelter as my dahling hubby refers to it as)into a state that he has NO choice but to conform to the impeccable organization of each and every piece of it!! This has become a weekly chore of "straightening out" the disarray that it has ended up in because he continues to just toss stuff WHEREVER!!! I got a little carried away and personalized baskets and carried on into my spice cabinet so I will be posting three consecutive posts to break it down a little!
So ladies and gents, please let me introduce you to what "Tupperware" meets "Dollarama" meets a little "CREATIVITY" can do for you....
Welcome to my pantry! I got this wreath at Homesense about two years ago - I love love love it!!!! Spilling with olives, artichokes & pears with many hues of green, I think it screams..."Come In..."

Can you hear that????? Ahhhhhhhhhhh - that is "Organangelo", the organization angel singing his utmost praises to this immaculate pantry!!!!

This is the top two left hand side (LHS) shelves! The modulars are from Tupperware (I hosted a party and earned a lot for free, but did shell out some of it) and I purchased the little black baskets at Dollarama (3 for $2). The modulars house loose ingredients (i.e.: flours, sugars etc.). The baskets house things I want easy access to that are self contained (i.e.: jello, seasoning packets etc.). I will show you how I assembled the labels for the front on the baskets in the next post.

Second from top shelf on LHS - Major "go-to" daily use modulars...

Second from bottom shelf on LHS - all my baking supplies (chipits, nuts, etc) and oils.

Bottom shelf LHS - home of my "must-have" Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for easy-peasy access, breakfast supplies, crackers, popcorn seasonings and snacks.

Here is a close up of our popcorn seasoning basket - it it great because when we have movie nights, you can just grab the whole thing and bam - they are all together for your choosing!

Floor bottom LHS - my bag-o-recycled-bags, my onion bin and my potato bin (both Tupperware - vented so contents don't spoil as quickly.

Floor bottom right hand side (RHS) - this area won't normally be so "POP-CONCENTRATED" - there was a great sale on these and we were having a party so stocked up! This area will be refurnished with large baskets that will hold my tupperware containers that I will use to put leftovers in the fridge or freezer (one for containers, one for lids. Convenient easy access!

This is the RHS bottom shelf - it is home to my morning routine of COFFEE!!!! There is our Costco K-Cup Box, along with a basket that holds other ground coffees. To the right of it is our film/foil station. To the left - other powdered bevies...including the hubby's "Workout Protein Supplements"(whatever is in them?!)

This is the second and third from bottom RHS shelves - I recently had these "soup shelves" added into my pantry, as well as the very top shelf on both the LHS and RHS of the pantry for additional shelving space! It has made a world of difference!
Right now the bottom soup shelf is holding Jaxon's baby food in the jars, as well as baskets at the end with his snacks and rice cereals. This really makes it easy to see what I have for stock and what I am running low on (currently NOTHING at the time of this photoshoot! LOL!!) The main shelf holds canned goods like pasta sauce, cheese whiz (don't judge me!)jams, jellies, salad dressings and boxed products. PLEASE NOTE* These are all UNOPENED, as they are not shelf stable once the seals are cracked!

Baskets containing Jaxon's snacks and rice pablum...

Middle shelf on RHS - baskets in the corner containing snacks and sides...soups and all canned goods, followed by my collection of Epicure Seasonings tucked into the far right corner...

These baskets hold stuff I "shouldn't" have in my pantry probably...but do! Cookies, candies, pre-done sides like rices and noodles, oh yah...and the healthy granola bars are tucked way back in the corner!!! Might need to re-visit this set up!

Second from top RHS shelf holds all of our cereals - Tupperware containers keep these fresh with pour spout tops.

And finally the top RHS shelf with stuff that I don't need all that often...excess garbage bags, excess Ziplocs, gloves - stuff I need to call the hubby to help me reach!

I put a couple hooks on the wall on the LHS to hang aprons off of...for a quick grab!

I simply love this apron my girlfriend sent me in the mail - "Chefabella" - how fitting!!

Well, that's it folks - hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak into my secret obsession of ORGANIZING!!! Stay tuned for my spice pantry re-vamp and learn how I am going to tackle my fridge and freezer!

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Mary said...

Your pantry looks AWESOME! I'd love for you to share this at my link party "Organize My Life" that opens every Monday night. Stop on by! Have a great day!