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Friday, August 1, 2008

My Anniversary Gift!

Now....I simply have to rave about my DH who bought me the "Sure Cuts Alot" program for my new cricut expressions...for our anniversary of all things!!!!! Sweet! He is simply the greatest!!! Whoever owns a cricut (either the regular or expressions) needs to have this program. It converts any and all fonts & dingbats on your computer to the cricut, and therefore....da da da dahhhhhhh....eliminates all your cartidges (you need to have ONE plugged in - but it doesn't matter which one!!!)!!! I don't know about anyone else....but this just jumped ahead of sliced bread!!! When I loaded it up and did a test drive....I believe I heard the Cricut Angels sing "Haliluja" - too bad Provo Craft didn't get their "stuff" together like they promised. Totally Terrific Todd beat them to the punch!!If anyone wants to purchase this glorious software, click on the box...

Chirp chirp!!!! Thank you made my scrapbooking life!!!! Oh yeah, he also gave me a pink golfgirl bag!!! What a haul! ~MWAH~

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Saige/Grace said...

You are such a hoot! I love your blog!

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