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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!!!!

Seriously, it really is a shame that I don't get this thrilled and excited (as a Canadian) about getting a new Prime Minister!!! But today is a day that we will probably all remember and think back....what was I doing when Obama, the new President of The United States, takes office today? I follow very little when it comes to politics, only because I have seen nothing but the same unispiring people get up infront of us and make promises that they never intend to keep! It becomes a part of life, being let down by our government time after time. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to be a Canadian and have the rights that we have every day we wake up. It would just be something else to have someone as inspiring and compassionate about change and the people, as the people of United States will have in power as the sun is setting today.

To see the tears of joy roll down the faces of millions and millions is something else to watch. He has promised change and for once, as a bystander, I truely believe he will bring it! This is breathtaking to watch, the hope that he instills in his people and the courage he brings to all!

I think this is the most brilliant man I have seen speak in my lifetime...but then again, what do I know about politics?! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

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